Who We Are

Ellen Malmon Architecture LLC is a full-service design and architecture firm specializing in residential and commercial design.  Whether it’s new construction or maximizing the possibilities of an existing home or business, we focus on creative solutions with strict attention to cost but always with attention to detail.

Our residential practice focuses on creating warm and welcoming spaces that reflect the values and tastes of those who live in them.  We engage in a highly collaborative process to produce designs that combine utility, elegance and comfort.

Our commercial practice consists of creative solutions for office, retail, and restaurant design, while our multi-family work with developers reflects extensive knowledge of market trends in this region.

Collaboration and Flexibility

With over a decade and a half of experience in Fairfield County, we have developed an extensive network of skilled and creative consultants.  Ellen Malmon Architecture has a special collaboration with several highly-skilled and creative professional firms in order to provide our clients with a large range of services, ensuring the success of our projects.  From Interior Design specialists, to Professional Engineers, to LEED-AP Professionals, these relationships allow us to maintain the flexibility essential to working within the challenges of the marketplace and leaving us unburdened with the high overhead of our competitors.

Green Design and Universal Design

We are skilled in sustainable design and Universal Design.  Far from being just trend-followers, we have always recognized the intrinsic value in responding to the real needs of people and the planet.  We have over 15 years dedicated experience in creating beautiful, sustainable, comfortable and accessible homes, offices and commercial spaces.


Ellen Malmon Architecture LLC offers a full range of architectural services, from planning and programming through design and construction observation.